State Government MPs urge Council rethink on DAs

Fewer objections needed for review.

State Government MPs urge Council rethink on DAs A Crane in Gosford CBD.

An eleventh hour decision by council to reduce the number of objections needed for it to review development applications has raised the ire of state government MPs.

The resolution passed at a meeting in December drops the number of objections needed from 50 down to 15.

Terrigal and Wamberal MPs Adam Crouch and Taylor Martin have both called on council to reverse its position, Mr Crouch saying it will make it harder for the region to keep up with population growth in coming years.

"The State's regional plan clearly identifies we need to build in excess of two thousand new homes per year to keep pace with population growth," Mr Crouch says.

"By putting a handbrake on Development Applications for responsible residential property, what we see here is a potential threat to jobs." 

While Mr Martin questions whether the lower threshold is necessary, given he says there are other options at Councillors' disposal to request a full review of DAs.

“Residents should expect that their applications be reviewed fairly and consistently," Mr Martin says.

"If there are any rules that Councillors object to, they should change the Local Environment Plan to ensure there is a clear guide for businesses and residents of what is and isn’t acceptable. Central Coast residents should not be subject to the whims of councillors at late-night council meetings”.