Katter vs Croc: Battle Escalates

Bob's son Robbie ups the ante

Katter vs Croc: Battle Escalates

Queenslanders are no stranger Bob Katter's views on crocs and the threat they present to humans. Now Robbie Katter has weighed in, declaring it an issue of "life or death" and dramatically upping the ante.

In September, a 5.2 metre crocodile was found in the Fitzroy, killed by a single bullet to the head. Soon after, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) offered a $5000 bounty to anyone who could provide information that led to the identification and conviction of the shooter. That figure was recently increased to $6000.

In a counter-move, Robbie Katter has offered a $10,000 reward – paid to anyone who publicly outs individuals that dare "to dob in" vigilante croc killers. 

Mr Katter went further, stating that he would name and shame anyone reporting illegal croc hunters.

"We’ll give out their home address to the families of victims who’ve been eaten or attacked by a crocodile.”

Meanwhile, Australia's National Coronial Information System reveals that Aussies are much more likely to be killed by a horse, cow or dog than a crocodile. However, data shows that crocodiles cause almost twice as many deaths per year as emus.