SATIRE: Gladstone Driver Uses Indicator

All hell breaks loose

SATIRE: Gladstone Driver Uses Indicator

Traffic is still gridlocked on Hanson Road in Gladstone following a major incident.

At approximately 4:15pm, Clinton resident Sam Stoger performed a left-hand turn into the Maccas carpark. For reasons unknown, Ms Stoger used her indicator before making the turn.

Uncertain of what was going on, nearby drivers went into panic. Dale Dellstone, of Kin Kora, was amongst those confused.

“I thought it must be hazard lights and that something was wrong,” Mr Dellstone reported.

“So I slammed my foot on the brakes, went into a skid and ended up across two lanes. Then the traffic just piled up behind.”

Police were called to the scene and efforts continue to restore traffic flow. Delays are expected to continue into the weekend.