Help Give Our Wildlife a Second Chance-

Become a WIRES Volunteer

Help Give Our Wildlife a Second Chance-

WIRES are putting the call out to anyone in the community, with a passionate for helping animals, to considering becoming a volunteer. 

During the spring time, calls to WIRES go through the roof, the wildlife rescue organisation receiving around 600 calls a day. 

In Spring, WIRES are always very active. With animals looking for food and water, shelter from the sun or rain, or a mate, and more new babies out and about, it means many of them can end up getting injured. 


Its easy to get involved, with all the information available on the WIRES website. All we need to do is complete a course, to make sure we have all the knowledge we need.

Volunteering does not require a certain level of commitment, and anyone can get on board to help give our wildlife a second chance.