Keep Roo's in Mind While Travelling This Weekend

Boomers More Active in Spring

Keep Roo's in Mind While Travelling This Weekend

Just one of the impacts of this years dry winter, Kangaroos are appearing on our highways more often, as they search for food and water.

Not helped by the fact that it's mating season, our Roo's looking for love in the wrong places, WIRES Wildlife and Rescue Central West, say they're getting a lot more calls than usual. 

More Kangaroo's are ending up on the side of the road, where vegetation is green and lush, due to water pooling along the highway. 

Usually it's the Male Roo's that are unfortunately hit, but WIRES are seeing more orphaned Joeys this spring, the lack of rain over the last few month, seeing Female Roo's getting close to roads as well. 

This weekend, we can avoid our native animals by slowing down and driving to the conditions, taking extra care around dusk and dawn. 

We're also urged to contact 13 000 WIRES, if we hit a Roo, especially if we think they might have a baby on board.