Bruce Rock Football Club Tasteful Calendar

All for a good cause

Bruce Rock Football Club Tasteful Calendar

Leigh Strange spoke with me this morning about the launch of the 2018 Bruce Rock Football calendar next week… and it’s semi-nude.

That lads have got their kit of in a bid to raise funds for Men’s Health, a cause that strung a chord with the side particularly this year in light of the farming season and its effect on a lot of people’s mental state, also because earlier in the year one member of the side had a bit of a scare with cancer but is now fully recovered which is fantastic.

Leigh’s wife Sophie who’s an amazing photographer has taken the tasteful shots in black and white and I’ve no doubt she’s done an amazing job. August 5th is the date of the official launch but if you want to get your hands/eyes on a copy pronto you can head to

Enjoy guys :)