Scam emails and fake calls from the ATO

Keep being aware

Scam emails and fake calls from the ATO

It was only last month I had a chat with Craig McDonald CEO of MailGuard about cyber security in light of a scam that was sweeping over Europe and other parts of the globe. Only this morning did we again come across a story of someone who had been taken advantage of. An 80-year-old Perth woman was tricked out of $4,000 by scammers pretending to be from the Australian Tax Office, she was so shaken up by the experience she even feared she was going to have a heart attack because of all the stress involved.

I urge any of our Triple M listeners to spread the word, especially to the older members in our community to be wear of such calls from people pretending from the ATO, also in regards to emails asking for you to click on links because of owing that don’t look or seem legitimate. If ever unsure always ring your accountant or the company a bill is sent from to confirm.