6 Ways Tech Has Made Life Worse

...and one way it'll improve it!

6 Ways Tech Has Made Life Worse

Most people would agree that technology has made things easier. Nobody wants to go back to the days of queuing up at the bank or having to trust a travel agent to find you a flight deal. But we can't help thinking there are some areas of life which were more enjoyable before the world went high-tech.

So put on your grumpiest pair of pants and join us for a good old whinge.

1. You’re always contactable by work

Remember when you could clock off at the end of the day and forget about work? Seems quaint in this era of cell phones, text messages, email, and any number of ways you can be got hold of 24/7. The problem's got so bad that the French (who else?) have just passed a law banning employers from contacting workers after hours. Oh, and you want to be VERY careful around social media if you're planning on pulling a sickie...

2. Nobody enjoys the moment anymore

Picture the scene. It's a gorgeous summer's day and you're sitting in the most exquisite public gardens imaginable. Everywhere you look is an explosion of colour and beauty. Except you're not looking, are you? You're staring at your bloody phone like everyone else. And have you been to a gig recently? Apparently you're not allowed to watch the band unless you're filming them. 

3. You can't lose touch with people (even if you want to)

"Hi! Remember me? We were at school together!" is rarely a welcome Facebook message. Why? Because if you actually liked the person, you wouldn't have lost touch in the first place. And that's before you even start on exes. Not so long ago it was perfectly possible to split up with someone and, with a bit of luck, NEVER HEAR ABOUT THEM AGAIN. Now you can move to the other side of the world and still be subjected to unwanted updates on their life without you.

4. There are so many more things to be jealous about

"Why has she changed her relationship status to It's Complicated?" "Who's that girl in his new profile photo?" "Is that Tinder on your phone?!" All questions that wouldn't have been asked 10 years ago. And we can't help thinking the world was a happier place. 



5. We're not as clever as we used to be

The downside of convenience is that you forget stuff. How many phone numbers can you recall off the top of your head compared to 20 years ago? And when was the last time you navigated a route without some stuck-up princess saying, "At the roundabout, take the third exit..." in your ear? The fact is, technology is slowly chipping away at our ability to do things for ourselves. Who knows how dumb you'll be in another 20 years?

6. There's no such things as privacy

A slight exaggeration perhaps but it's certainly going that way. Young people have only known a world where everyone shares everything online. Call us old-fashioned but we think there's value in preserving a bit of mystery.

And one way it's made life easier...

OK, so we've had a bit of a moan but it's not all bad. One tech development sure to improve the lives of local residents is Coffs Harbour Taxis' new app. Available for iPhone from the App Store or Android from Google Play, booking a taxi has never been easier.