Air Conditioner Causes Pool Centre Evacuation

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Air Conditioner Causes Pool Centre Evacuation

Management at the Boambee Swimcare Swim School have peace of mind after discovering the cause of an early morning odour that saw the facility evacuated.

An air conditioning unit was to blame, not the pool water balance.

Troy from Swimcare spoke with Triple M to advise that after various testing of the water, which all came back clear, it was discovered this afternoon that one of the bearings in the air conditioning unit nearby had caused the belt to cease and create the strong odour.

"The best thing for me is, we found a problem and now it's rectified" Troy told Triple M.

"At first I thought it was a water chemistry problem, but my tests, and another test with Poolwerx and Council all come back with the water balance as perfect" he said.

With classes already held two hours prior to the alert of the smell, it had baffled the staff at teh pool with testing regularly conducted each morning before swimmers enter the pool.

Emergency Services were alerted to the smell just after 9am, he said that by the time the Firefighters arrived with their testing gear the smell had disappeared leaving them all confused as to the cause.

Five people were taken to hospital as a precaution for observation before being discharged a short time later.