Andrew Fraser Calling for Vegetation to Be Removed from Trouble Roundabout

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Andrew Fraser Calling for Vegetation to Be Removed from Trouble Roundabout

There are renewed calls from the Member for Coffs Harbour for vegetation to be removed from a notorious Coffs Harbour roundabout.

Andrew Fraser raised the concerns on Triple M again following another truck rollover at the trouble spot overnight.

Emergency crews were onsite for most of the night after the truck carried more than 20 tonne of frozen Subway rolls passed through the roundabout coming to a stop on it's side on the northern side of the roundabout.

The latest crash comes just 2 months since a truck left the road in the same place before crossing both north and southbound lanes and coming to rest in the scrub on the southern side of the Pacific Highway.

While suggestion of ripples on the road may assist distracted drivers, Mr Fraser says that the trees and vegetation on the roundabout cause a big issue for drivers unfamiliar with the alignment of the road.

A number of locals also contacted Triple M regarding the safety problems with full size trees making it difficult to see across the roundabout with visibility of the road ahead.

While the roundabout is on a state road, the responsibility of maintaining the landscaping is managed by local council.

Coffs Harbour City Council told Triple M in July that "There is no requirement for them (drivers) to see across a roundabout", the RMS guidelines however say, "if used, trees must not be planted in a configuration that will impede road user sight lines or be in a location that might obstruct errant vehicles unable to stop at the roundabout”.