Andrew Fraser's Emotions Tribute to His Family in NSW Parliament

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Andrew Fraser's Emotions Tribute to His Family in NSW Parliament

There were tears, laughs and cheers from colleagues during Andrew Fraser's final speech to the NSW Parliament today.

At midday in the NSW Government chambers, the Coffs Harbour MP addressed the parliament in his valedictory speech where he paid tribute to his family, and the support of his wife, Kerrie.

Recently, Mr Fraser marked 28 years since first being elected the member for Coffs Harbour in 1990.

In his speech he mentioned the importance of representing all people, not just those who voted for your party.

"As I said recently, at an election campaign I am the National Party candidate for the seat of Coffs Harbour, but when you are elected you are the Member for Coffs Harbour, that means that everyone is entitled to your representation, whether or not you agree with them or don't agree with them".

"As local member, you have a job to be local, and represent the views of your local electorate", Mr Fraser said.

Mr Fraser also touched on the incident with Joe Tripodi, and his disappointment with then Nationals leader Andrew Stoner and comments he made to media the next day. 

Referring to the former politician, Mr Fraser said, "I really do regret the fact, that he was so insecure, that he had to make those comments to the media".

"And Barry O'Farrell said to me, after he had done that media conference, he came up and said your leader just threw you under the bus", Mr Fraser told the Parliament.

Before wrapping up his speech Mr Fraser paid an emotional tribute to his wife, Kerrie, and their three children, and how proud he was of them all.

"You've been my rock, you've looked after three kids, you got them through three high school certificates. You wiped their noses, wiped their bums, and you raised three kids that I know you and I are extremely proud of", he said.

Finishing with a touching poem, Andrew Fraser's last words, "Thank you for the journey" were marked with loud applause and a standing ovation from the chambers and gallery.