Barnaby Joyce Tells Mayor Bypass is His Priority

Listen to Mayor speaking with Triple M

Barnaby Joyce Tells Mayor Bypass is His Priority

While the rest of the country is talking about Barnaby Joyce's private life, all the people of Coffs Harbour want to hear from Barnaby Joyce is when construction of the Coffs Bypass will begin.

In Canberra yesterday, Coffs Harbour Mayor, Cr Denise Knight, and General Manager Steve McGrath joined Luke Hartsuyker to meet with Barnaby Joyce to discuss the Bypass.

Triple M spoke with the Mayor this morning, and while the meeting went well, there is still no start date locked in from the Federal Government.

"He said this is my priority, and we said 'When?'. Being a good politician he isn't going to give us a timeline, however we just have to get it pushed through," Cr Knight said.

Listen to the full chat below: