Coffs Harbour Man Saves 3 Year old Girl at Port Macquarie Pool

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Coffs Harbour Man Saves 3 Year old Girl at Port Macquarie Pool

Life saving actions from a Coffs Harbour man has saved the life of a 3 year old girl in Port Macquarie.

On Saturday, Jamie Marschke was in Port Macquarie to compete in the Masters Swimming Carnival when the situation unfolded.

Mr Marschke told Triple M that he had finished his warm up and was about to change into his racing swimmers, when he heard screaming in the toddlers pool and thought someone had broken their leg.  On approach to the pool, the Life Saver from Coffs Harbour realised the full extent of the circumstances.

A 3 year old girl had been pulled from the pool unconscious.

"I saw this lifeless little girl, I thought at first that she had been choking, then they put her down on the ground", Mr Marschke said.

Putting his years of training to practice, Mr Marschke went to performing CPR, saying that they had a lot in their favour with the timing of getting to the girl.

"It just shows, the quicker you can get to someone, the better chance you have, we were just so lucky", he said.

When the girl regained consciousness, Mr Marschke said that there was one action that made it all worthwhile.

"I heard her start to whimper, and we were holding her in the recovery position and she wrapped her tiny little hand around my fingers, and that was the best feeling",

"That really grounded me, and made all those years of training worth it", he said.

The girl has since been released from hospital.

The incident is a reminder of just how important it is to not be distracted when watching children near water.

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