Final Sculpture Arrives at Jetty Foreshore

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Final Sculpture Arrives at Jetty Foreshore

The final major sculpture at the Jetty Foreshore has arrived.

‘Cloud Reef’ by John van der Kolk is the last major interactive sculpture to adorn the Jetty Foreshores.

Mr van der Kolk said, "The intention behind Cloud Reef was to be a reflective playscape of the ocean and the coast".

The artist's work has recently included major collaborative works in China, Turkey, Nepal, California and Cambodia.

Like the recently installed 'Big Fish', this piece is designed with children in mind, to be a children’s playground.

"I didn’t want to create something obvious, like a slide or a swing, this was to be an adventure into the unknown, allowing and developing exploration and imagination", he said.

Discussing all the works at the Jetty Foreshore, Coffs Harbour Mayor, Denise Knight said, "they have all really reinforced the idea of connecting the space to our wonderful and unique environment. I will be very excited to see John’s latest work in place".