Islamic Hackers Target Coffs Harbour School Website

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Islamic Hackers Target Coffs Harbour School Website

A Coffs Harbour school has been targeted by a group understood to be Islamic hackers.

Coffs Harbour Christian Community School is one of a number of schools and organisations around the country that have been compromised by the group known as the ‘Tunisian Fallaga Team’.

The Catholic Santa Maria College in Melbourne, along with Nunawading Christian College and Catholic College Bendigo were also hacked by the same group on Wednesday.

Victoria’s government are being pressured to address their own systems after the state's Treasurer, Tim Pallas, also fell victim to the cyber-attacks.

While Shadow attorney-general John Pesutto called the hacking a clear sign that Victoria is susceptible to cyber-attacks, ALP assistant state secretary Kosmos Samaras says anonymous hackers have been attacking the websites of Labor MPs for months.

Training Provider, Future Academy Australia were also hit by the group, who are also targeting websites in Russia, Pakistan and Italy.