Local Highway Sub Contractors Owed $7Million After Ostwald Collapse

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Local Highway Sub Contractors Owed $7Million After Ostwald Collapse

News broke in August of a Pacific Highway Contractor going into administration, now many local contractors continue to fight for the money they are owed.

The Ostwald Brothers collapse has left many questioning the NSW Government process with paying for major projects and the contractors.

With $7 million still outstanding to local sub contractors, some are having difficulties to get any communication from administrators.

Jo Franklin is one of the many with local businesses affected by the collapse who are still owed money for their work.

She told Triple M, "there are some people who cannot even afford to go to the meetings".

When speaking with Melinda Pavey, Mrs Franklin was told that the situation was like any other contractual business.

Coffs Harbour MP Andrew Fraser has raised the issue in Parliament, calling for changes to the process of how payments are made in major projects in NSW.

Anyone wanting to get in touch with Jo Franklin or needs support regarding the Wave 5 Subcontractors Group - email wave5subcontractor@gmail.com

Triple M Breakfast host, Moffee, spoke with Jo Franklin and Coffs Harbour MP Andrew Fraser this morning.

Listen to the full interviews below:

Andrew Fraser spoke with Moffee: