New Developments From Council in the Nana Glen Dog Attack

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New Developments From Council in the Nana Glen Dog Attack

New developments in regards to the recent dog attack in Nana Glen.

Triple M contacted Council on Thursday night regarding the concerns raised with an incident that saw a dog attack a smaller dog on a leash in Nana Glen on Friday 18 May.

Council responded to say that they take all dog attack incidents extremely seriously and we always respond immediately.

The original statement went on to say that interviews with both dog owners were undertaken and the owner of the attacking dog was issued with a written warning, and a Proposed Nuisance Dog Order has been issued.

Following further questions to Coffs Harbour City Council over the weekend, the Council has this morning responded saying in a statement that:

"The actions that Council has already taken with regard to this incident were based on the information available at the time and the views of the owner of the dog that had been attacked. Since the video came to light, which is new evidence, we are conducting a review of the matter to determine if further action is needed".