'No Jab, No Pay' Deadline Approaches

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'No Jab, No Pay' Deadline Approaches

Families may lose part of their government payments if they haven't had their children immunised.

Under the government’s 'No Jab, No Pay' rules, about 130,000 families are yet to update their records, and have until Monday to do so.

The Department of Human Services contacted those families last month in writing about their immunisation records not being up to date as of July 1.

For every child not vaccinated by the deadline, their family will have their Family Tax Benefit Part A payments reduced by $28.28 each fortnight.

Children in Queensland, NSW and Victoria have to be fully immunised to attend childcare.

Minister for Human Services Michael Keenan told media, “about 1.4 million families receive Part A of the benefit each year and the overwhelming majority do the right thing by immunising their children against preventable diseases".

Once a child is immunised their vaccination provider will update the Australian Immunisation Register.