OzTag to Stay in Coffs Harbour until 2021

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OzTag to Stay in Coffs Harbour until 2021

Coffs Harbour will continue to be the home of Oztag until 2021.

Australian Oztag and Coffs Harbour City Council have signed an agreement that will see the city host the NSW Junior State Cup, NSW Senior State Cup, National Junior Championships and the National Senior Championships from 2018 – 2021.

Each of event generates a significant economic benefit to the region.

According to Coffs Harbour Mayor, Cr Denise Knight, the Junior State Cup alone brings in around $4million.

“We’ve been looking forward to welcoming the Tag World Cup in 2018 for the first time and knowing that four major Oztag competitions will remain in Coffs Harbour for the next four years is fantastic news”, said Cr Denise Knight.

The latest agreement further strengthens C.ex Coffs International Stadium’s reputation as one of Australia’s leading regional venues.

Oztag Tournament Director Bill Harrigan was equally pleased with the news.

“We’ve not found a better regional venue in either NSW or Queensland. The fields are always in immaculate condition and the grass surface is like running on carpet in the Stadium and on the outside fields.”

The National Senior Championships 2017 is being held at the C.ex Coffs International Stadium this weekend.