UPDATE: Sawtell Rock Pool Still Not Fixed But Back in Action

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UPDATE: Sawtell Rock Pool Still Not Fixed But Back in Action

Sawtell Rock Pool remains closed after Coffs Harbour City Council had hoped to fix a faulty valve two weeks ago.

Originally the plan was for work to replace the old valve and dig out excess sand from the iconic location on October 17 at low tide, however according to Council's Director of Sustainable Infrastructure, Mick Raby, the state of the sea on the day didn't go in Council's favour.

Mr Raby told Triple M, "the next opportunity happened yesterday/today and waves coming over the top defeated us again".

According to Council, the next opportunity to replace the valve is now the November 14.

Late on Friday afternoon, Triple M were advised by Mick Raby that the team had managed to temporarily block the outlet with the faulty old valve still in place.

"The waves over the top have filled the pool and it is therefore open for business. However it will need to be drained on or around the 14th November, if the sea state allows, for the new valve to finally go in", he said.

Council have apologised to all users for the delays but say it is proving to be a difficult issue to resolve whilst maintaining both public safety and that of the work team involved.

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