Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood Celebrate Their #1 Hit “The Fighter”


Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood Celebrate Their #1 Hit “The Fighter” Getty Images

Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood celebrated the chart-topping success of “The Fighter” at a party at a Nashville hot spot more than a year after it went No. 1. The two were honored, along with Keith’s co-writer and co-producer busbee. Before awards were handed out and speeches were given, the trio performed their hit song.

Prior to the party, Keith and co-writer busbee, sat down to talk about “The Fighter” and how it was based on real-life conversations between Keith and his wife, Nicole Kidman.

“It was such an easy song to write ‘cause it was born of real conversations Nic and I had before we had gotten married, and some of those fears she had about it, and me wanting to be able to make vows to her, promises to her that I knew I could keep, but just needed that chance,” explains Keith. “It’s interesting because in a lot of ways this song feels like vows that they really are – this is what I promise I’ll be and do and I’ll take care of you and I’ll keep the world away. It was very easy to write from that perspective.”

Keith also just hit the top of the country chart with “Coming Home,” featuring  Julia Michaels, which we will see the two perform when Keith and his special guest Julia hit Australia next year as part of Keith’s “Graffiti U World Tour”.

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