Kip Moore Felt Peace When Making His Recent Album


Kip Moore Felt Peace When Making His Recent Album

When Kip Moore was making his album Slowheart last year, he felt more peace with himself and with his music than he had ever felt before and he said it’s all due to his fans.

“It was simply a more peace making record because I finally learned through the ups and downs of Wild Ones that I had a fan base that was true,” says Kip. “They were truly fans and I felt they were latching on to the honesty, so I felt more open about showing whatever vulnerabilities I had, whatever directions I wanted to go. I could take them on whatever journey I wanted, and as long as I felt I stayed true to myself, I had a sense of peace that they were gonna come along for the ride. So I felt like that shined through in the project and I felt like I was a little more at peace making this project, so the melodies came out a little different.”

His latest hit, “Last Shot,” is from Slowheart and is the follow-up to his fourth No. 1 song, “More Girls Like You.”