Kylie Minogue Has Unreleased Country Music from ‘Golden Sessions’

country music from Kylie Minogue?

Kylie Minogue Has Unreleased Country Music from ‘Golden Sessions’

‘Golden’ is Kylie’s latest offering to her legion of fans and it also marks her 14th studio album.

While Minouge has  kept to her pop roots, Kylie has added a country edge to the songs, though the 50-year-old admits she went overboard on some of the tracks she recorded while in Nashville, Tennessee.

”We did some songs in Nashville that were a step too far for me,” she laughed to Vogue Australia, adding they sounded great in Tennessee, but once she got back “into my real world” they were a step too country.

She added: “I’ve learnt a lot about songwriting… having two weeks in Nashville, that changed so much for me.”

While Kylie was in Music City she took time to check out all things Dolly Parton – she is one of the Queen of Country’s biggest fans.

“I actually bought a great T-shirt in Nashville that said: ‘What would Dolly do?’ Because my love for her just grows and grows really,” she shared. “I’ve met her once and my hands ended up around her waist. I don’t know why, I was so star struck, I didn’t really know what I was doing. It was before seeing her perform at the Hollywood Bowl, and it was the first time I’d seen her live and it was like seeing the light.”

So with a whole lot of unrecorded country sounding music sitting around does this mean that Kylie will give us more country-flavoured music in the future – we’ll have to wait and see.