A Man has been Seriously Injured in a Road Rage Attack

Sustains head injuries

 A Man has been Seriously Injured in a Road Rage Attack

A 45-year-old Jimboomba man sustained serious head injuries after an alleged road rage attack on December 10th near Dalby.

Police report that sometime between 2PM and 3:30PM the man was driving a black Kenworth truck and towing two trailers towards Moonie when the incident occurred.

The man had attempted to pass two slower moving sedans travelling in front of him.

The vehicles sped up and as the man passed the vehicles, one person inside allegedly threw an object at him.

Police say the truck driver then pulled up on truck pads and was checking his trailers when he remembers being struck from behind.

When the man regained consciousness sometime later, people were standing around him.

The driver of the truck was admitted to hospital suffering serious head injuries.

Police are appealing for any people who were involved, or anyone who witnessed the incident, to contact Dalby police on 4669.9222, Crime Stoppers on 1800.333.000 or Policelink on 131.444.