Fake iPhones Being Sold to Unsuspecting Toowoomba Residents


Fake iPhones Being Sold to Unsuspecting Toowoomba Residents

Police are urging the public to exercise caution when purchasing mobile phones via on-line classified websites following a complaint received of from a person who received fake iPhone.

On November 22 a man driving a white Hiace style van attended a student village on West Street, Toowoomba and allegedly sold a fake iPhone.

The phone had been advertised via an online classified website and the seller used a prepaid mobile phone number to make contact with the buyer and then disconnected the phone and the online ad after the sale.

The victim has exchanged an amount of cash for the phone and was promised a receipt when the seller returned with the charger and headphones.


Image: QPS

From the outset, the fake phone appears to be real, however the signs to look for are:

  • the back of the phone has a raised lip and not smooth,
  • there is no writing under the iPhone name on the back of the phone.
  • the Safari (compass) app is in Chinese and not English.
  • the box IMEI number is different from the actual phone’s IMEI.
  • the home button is difficult to press and the battery runs down very fast.
  • the camera is of poor quality and focus ability.

Image: QPS

The man described as 170cm tall, Caucasian in appearance, proportionate build, light brown short hair, small chin goatee.

At the time of the sale, he was wearing blue jeans and a black zip jacket.

Police wish to remind Toowoomba residents to remain vigilant when buying items, with a price that may be “too good to be true”.


Image: QPS