Garden City’s Greenspace is Lacking – BIG time

Toowoomba ranked last in Australia

Garden City’s Greenspace is Lacking – BIG time Image: MMM / Queen's Park

We wear the title “The Garden City” but apparently, we don’t really have what it takes to qualify that.

According to the latest Federal Government Data when it comes to the amount of parks we have and our access to them – we rank last in the country.

As reported by the Chronicle the statistics show that as little as 3.8 per cent of the city is designated green space with only 66.3% of Toowoomba homes having parks and open space within 400m of their front door.  These figures put Toowoomba last in Australia on both counts.

Toowoomba region has 566 parks, with 7,771 hectares of open space. By 2031, Toowoomba Regional Council has plans to increase that to 581 parks and more than 8,000 hectares.


Image: Australian Government