Kerb Scam Stomps on Stanthorpe

Don’t let them walk over you

Kerb Scam Stomps on Stanthorpe

The Southern Downs Regional Council is warning Stanthorpe locals to be aware of a Scam hitting the region.

The Council has received reports that a company has been door-knocking residents telling them they are required to have their house numbers painted on the kerb.

The forceful salesperson gives the impression they are affiliated with emergency services and charging $50 for the service.

Council says residents are not required to paint house numbers on the kerb.

As far as Council is aware, those who have paid for the service have received what they have paid for, but reiterate that this is not a service affiliated with Council or with emergency services and suggest that although the Scam appears to operating predominately in Stanthorpe, all regions should be vigilant.