“Max” the Seventeen Year Old Blue Heeler Hero Pooch

Made honorary police dog

“Max” the Seventeen Year Old Blue Heeler Hero Pooch Image: QPS

The Southern Downs community is calling for Max the blue heeler who stayed by the side of a lost 3-year-old girl until help came to be nominated for a national hero award in the next Australia Day Awards.

The partially blind and deaf dog made national headlines for his devotion to the toddler when she spent Friday night on a cold mountain top at Wildash in the Southern Downs.

The young girl had wandered from her Grandfathers property and into bushland – the dog protected and kept her warm overnight before Max lead her rescuers to her on Saturday morning.

The Queensland Police Service has acknowledged Max’s bravery and loyalty who have declared him an honorary police dog.

The little girl suffered minor scratches from the thick scrub.

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