Our Water Usage is Running High

Residents reminded to ease up

Our Water Usage is Running High

Until recent days’ it has been a long hot summer, and with temperatures set to rise again and no rain in sight Toowoomba Regional Council remind us to ease up on our daily water usage and water habits.

TRC Water and Waste Committee chair Cr Nancy Sommerfield says that with little respite from the long, hot summer in sight, Council is keeping a close eye on water consumption figures.

The recent hot weather has seen quite an increase in daily water consumption, jumping from the usual consumption figure of 180 litres/person/day (l/p/d) for this time of year to a significant 248 l/p/d last week, with a peak of 298 l/p/d on Wednesday, January 24.

Permanent conservation measures with a consumption target of 200 l/p/d have been in place since the 2011 flood event (for a comprehensive guide of where this applies and a range of regional restriction times and activities, please visit www.tr.qld.gov.au/permanentconservationguidelines