Record Numbers to Get Cooking at Camp Oven Festival

October 6 & 7

Record Numbers to Get Cooking at Camp Oven Festival

The weekend of October 6 and 7 is gearing up to be a busy weekend in the Region. This year, in a first of, the Australian Camp Oven Festival in conjunction with Cobb and Co Museum are offering and incentive of a discounted entry fee to visit both the Camp Oven Festival in Millmerran and The Lost Trades Fair at Cobb and Co Museum Toowoomba.

Be inspired by trades of yesteryear, learn a new skill, horse shoeing, whip making, furniture making, blacksmithing or maybe just watch the sheep shearing, whip cracking, browse through the market stalls, listen to incredible stories and bush poetry, be entertained and eat great food and enjoy some mouth-watering camp oven stew or damper.

Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) Environment and Community Committee Chair Cr Geoff McDonald said “These events have grown out of the rich traditions of our past and developed into events that inspire people to want to both learn from our past and history and have bold ambitions to carry these skills and talents forward into the future”.

The Australian Camp Oven Festival in particular has proven it gets bigger and better each time the coals are lit at the festival.

“With 700kg of meat, 300kg of flour and 200kg of potatoes ready to hit the camp ovens you could refer to this as feeding of the masses and a masterclass of logistics” Event Co-ordinator Katrina Grundon said. 

The Camp Oven Festival is set to dispel the myth of ‘you can’t have too many cooks in the kitchen’, when the fires start burning and the camp ovens start cooking. While at the same time the Lost Trades Fair want to excite and show you how the skills of yesteryear can be still be practiced today and people can design, make and create something real, something crafted by their own hands.  



BUT WAIT, there’s more! Luke and Cody winners of House Rules and Queensland Weekender presenters will at the Australian Camp Oven Festival showing brotherly love does not stop rivalry when they go head to head, or should that be oven to oven in a damper cook-off. They will also be showing their hands on skill and talents making some bush furniture.

Luke and Cody


And don’t forget over $3,000 in prize money will be up for grabs in the Australian Camp Oven Cooking Competition.

What a festival – what a weekend!

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