The Garden City is Overflowing with Visitors

The place will be buzzing!

The Garden City is Overflowing with Visitors

Toowoomba’s premier event Toowoomba’s Carnival of Flowers officially kicked off with the Gala Dinner at Laurel Bank Park held last night.


Toowoomba is jam packed with visitors wanting to get a piece of the magic we experience every day and we simply shine this time of year.

With no vacancy signs up across the city, hotels will kept busy as visitors swarm to the Garden City to take in everything we have to offer at our biggest annual event.

Good news for our local economy and tourism as Toowoomba shows everyone else how it’s done!



From the Grand Central Floral Parade to the The Heritage Bank Festival of Food & Wine to walking through and taking in our gorgeous parks and prize wining gardens, there is something for absolutely everyone!

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