The Rain Has Arrived

But is it here to stay?

The Rain Has Arrived Pixabay

So, we experienced a few days of extreme chill, you know, the ones where you didn’t want to get out bed or the shower, for now they have gone and they have been replaced with what we need the most – RAIN.

Along with the liquid gold falling from the heavens, we can expect some average temperatures from now through to next week.

Today, up to 3mm of rain is expected, backing it up tomorrow with 2mm predicted.

At this stage we have a reprieve on Friday where it is the only cloudy day with no rain expected.



Today: Min 10 Max 15 A few showers

Tomorrow: Min 10 Max 17 Possible showers

Friday: Min 10 Max 20 Partly cloudy

Saturday: Min 12 Max 16 Shower or two

Sunday: Min 12 Max 16 Shower or two

Monday: Min 12 Max 17 Shower or two

Tuesday: Min 12 Max 16 Shower or two

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