Toowoomba Honours and Awards Presented for Outstanding Bravery Commitment and Service

Medal and Award Ceremony

Toowoomba Honours and Awards Presented for Outstanding Bravery Commitment and Service Image: QPS

The Minister for Police Mark Ryan and Commissioner Ian Stewart have congratulated officers, civilians and Australian Defence Force Members from the Darling Downs District who received medals, certificates and awards at a ceremony held at the Empire Church Theatre yesterday.


Commissioner Stewart said the presence of the Forte family to witness those officers receiving Valour Awards was important.


“All award recipients are of the highest calibre and the officers should be recognised for their courageous actions when responding to the shooting and death of Senior Constable Brett Forte.


“Everyone presented with an award today shows the professionalism that is a hallmark of the QPS. Each of them should be justifiably proud of their service and the contribution they have made.


“It’s important we also acknowledge family and friends who provide our members with the essential support needed to perform our roles every day, who stand alongside all of us during both the challenging and the rewarding times,” Commissioner Stewart said.


Senior Constable Catherine Nielsen, Senior Constable Scott Hill, Senior Constable Stephen Barlow and Constable Brittany Poulton received the Queensland Police Valour Award for their role in responding to the shooting.


Australian Defence Force members, Captain Gary Hamilton, Captain Warren Wilton, Second Lieutenant Ingrid Dylan and Lieutenant Michael Tenkate were awarded the Commissioner’s Certificate of Appreciation for their role in assisting a man who was fatally injured in traffic crash at Emu Creek on July 21, 2016.


Ms Roz Makings, Ms Helen Purcell and Senior Sergeant Bradley Clark were awarded the Commissioner’s Meritorious Service Medal for their contribution to the QPS in a number of areas over an extended period.


Minister Ryan said recipients have proven a range of skills and attributes that enable Queenslanders to place their faith and confidence in their police service.

“Their skills highlight courage, aptitude, boundless dedication and commitment, not only to their profession, but also to Queensland communities.


“They are a credit to the Queensland Police Service, to the community they serve, and to their family and friends.


“Today’s honours and awards ceremony is especially important as we recognise the brave actions of four officers who were involved in the response to the death of Senior Constable Brett Forte,” Minister Ryan said.