TRC Closes Second Dam Due to Risk of E.coli

elevated levels of E.coli detected

TRC Closes Second Dam Due to Risk of E.coli

Toowoomba Regional Council has closed a second dam to the public due to elevated levels of E.coli having been detected in the water.

Water testing in Perserverance Dam has revealed increased levels in bacteria – this comes just a week after Cooby Dam was closed to public for the very same reason.

Cr Bill Cahill said Council officers were satisfied that the increased bacterial numbers were due to an environmental phenomenon rather than contamination of the dam water.

Council will erect signage indicating the areas are ‘closed’ to the public until further notice. Council are also notifying relevant stakeholders in the area of the closure.

The bacteria represent no risk to drinking water supplies as they are removed by the water treatment and disinfection process.

Daily monitoring will ensure affected areas can be re-opened as soon as possible after the first acceptable test result is returned.

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