Vegan Billboard Vandalised

Vegans in Toowoomba

Vegan Billboard Vandalised

A vegan billboard has been vandalised on the New England highway that was facing traffic travelling from Crows Nest inbound to Toowoomba, 1.5 kilometres from Toowoomba CBD last week.

The billboard had been travelling around the Darling Downs main highways since January 2017 and is locked in for various locations until December 2017. It was organised by the Vegans in Toowoomba group and has been funded by the many vegan supporters from all over Australia.

Member Renata Halpin of VIT says of the vandalism: "This action brings more attention to the billboard's message, that animals for sale are victims of violence. Luckily the Bishopp billboard company replace any vandalism, and we are currently designing a new skin."

Vegans in Toowoomba's first billboard was positioned on the range using the website and a message of "Save the Planet Be Vegan." This triggered lots of conversations. Since then more billboards have continued to be erected around the Darling Downs.  

The group Vegans in Toowoomba host regular events including inviting prominent speakers from the movement and screening educational movies. Halpin says: "It is sad that property is damaged and freedom of speech is not respected. Our message is simple. Be kind, be vegan, for the animals, for our health and for the environment."