WANTED – Used Postage Stamps


WANTED – Used Postage Stamps

Householders’ Options to Protect the Environment (HOPE) invites residents and businesses to collect stamps from their incoming mail for reuse by local community groups.

Community groups take these stamps and re-sell them to raise funds for local and overseas missions work.

Mr Frank Ondrus, President of HOPE said “we also welcome unwanted stamp album collections; and collections of stamps from Esperanto club members.”

You can post a pack of used stamps to the HOPE (Householders’ Options to Protect the Environment) office, PO Box 6118 - Clifford Gardens, Toowoomba, QLD 4350; or drop them off at 22 Vacy St, Toowoomba.

Activities like these are in the direct interest of the HOPE organisation, as not only do the funds raised provide aid to those in need, but it also encourages home recycling and re-using.

If any HOPE or other community members are involved in or have ideas of any other projects or activities of the same sort, HOPE would love to know about it and help kick-start or aid similar projects.