Acronyms you didn't even know were ACRONYM'S!

TIME magazine, BASE jumping and more

Acronyms you didn't even know were ACRONYM'S!

Acronyms can come in handy, basically they abbreviate a long title into a shorter, more manageable tag based on the first letter of the title. If that sounds confusing here is an example, WA generally in this state is an acronym for Western Australia, QANTAS means Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Service.


There are plenty of common and easy to figure out acronyms. Here are Rowley’s top 3 acronyms that you may not have heard about.


TIME magazine is one of the most prestigious and informative publications in the world, providing useful studies and breathtaking photography of landscapes across the world. Rowley always thought the ‘TIME’ meant the ‘News and Times of the world’ but TIME is actually an acronym for The International Magazine of Events.


BASE jumping is an extreme sport that is illegal in Australia. It is quite simple. You find something that is elevated from the ground and you jump from it (with a parachute of course). The Base in this case doesn’t represent that you are jumping from a base, it stands for Building, Antenna, Structures and Earth, all the things you can (or won’t) jump off.


The last one on our top 3 acronyms is CARE package. Yep, it Is aptly named not because it is sent with love and care, it actually stands for, Cooperative American Remittance of Europe… it came about with supplies that America sent to Europe after the World War. Not just packages from your parents.


There you have it, top 3 acronyms you probably didn’t even know were acronyms!

Rowley talked Sean through it on the Breaky show, Catch up with that interview at the link below: