Land line telephones extinct in 15 years!

mobiles are taking over

Land line telephones extinct in 15 years!

Every man and his dog has a mobile phone nowadays. Children in primary school are walking around with this piece of technology in their pockets. As mobile devices become more prolific it is only natural to assume it will coincide with the fall of the landline, which it appears is on its final legs.

Studies are showing that landlines will got the way of the fax machine and be extinct by 2037. Sinve 2011 the number of Australian’s using a home phone has dropped dramatically from 83% to 64% this year. The studies also predict that only half of Australian’s will have a phone in the house in 2021.

Cheaper smartphone plans with unlimited calls and texts match landline rental fees making the smaller, portable phone more desirable. Extra flexibility with contracts and a push for more mobile towers have led to Australian’s being content with their mobile phones around the house.

Sadly for some of us around Esperance, (I included) on an Optus plan with intermittent reception, the small smart phone is not always reliable!

A recent Facebook poll has shown over 90% of Esperance people use mobiles over home phones. However, this poll should realise that generally the older population who may not even own a mobile phone would not have a Facebook account to use.