11 Signs that you're a Bogan!

Chances are you are one!

11 Signs that you're a Bogan!

A Bogan is described is described by the dictionary of google as ‘an uncouth or unsophisticated person regarded as being of low social status’. Despite this rigid definition there are often still doubts between the accused Bogan as to whether they fall under that descriptor or not. Often the mere fact you are taking the time to consider it will point you in the direction of the Southern Cross tattoo and famous red can.


I thought I’d compile a short and simple list of signs that will reveal the inner Bogan in you. So ehre are the eleven give away indicators…


  1. You’re favourite holiday destination is a rundown hotel in Kuta, Bali.
  2. You’re Saturdays and Sundays… oh and every week night, are spent sucking back red cans of Emu Export, telling your mates that there’s nothing like sucking down a cold can of ‘bush chook’.
  3. If you vehemently believe the only alternative to ‘bush chooks’ is Jacks and Coke! (Or Bundy and Coke).
  4. Acca Dacca, Barnsey and the song Holy Grail (you may not even know the artist) are on high rotation on your playlist.
  5. You bloody love Holden and anyone who drives a Ford is a spud!
  6. You bloody love Ford and anyone who drives a Holden is a kook!
  7. You’re other best mate is a Kelpie, blue heeler or staffy. An you love ‘em like a son.
  8. There’s a couple Bintang singlets floating around your wardrobe.
  9. You’re nickname and your mates nicknames end in an ‘za’. Shazza, Wazza, Gazza etc. etc.
  10. You’re hanging out for smoko to suck down a durry and knock back an ice coffee,
  11. And, of course, you don the great Southern Cross tattoo somewhere over your often pink and sunburnt body!


So, how did you go?

This Friday, May 25, Triple M will be hosting a Bogan Quiz Night at the Esperance Civic Centre from 630pm. $10 a ticket, tables of six and heaps of Bogan and un-related Bogan questions to answer. Money raised on the night goes to Give me Five for kids, a fund that provides support for children's hospital facilities.


To book tickets call the Esperance Triple M station