Drakers Top 5 Aussie Songs

Celebrating Oztober on Triple M

Drakers Top 5 Aussie Songs

For the month of October, we here at Triple M are celebrating all things Oz music. With revealing interviews with Aussie music legends hearing the backstory on an iconic song, to travel stories, funny backstage stories and many more.

In celebration of this, I thought I'd share my Top 5 Aussie Tracks and explain why.

5: Daryl Braithwaite - "The Horses"

I drift away to a beautiful place when I hear this song. It takes me on a journey and I do actually imagine riding on a horse too hahaha. I love singing along to this one and ALWAYS have it blasting in my car and find it to be a brilliant karaoke song to sing with friends.


4. AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long

This one I love the way the words get carried out during the song. Alllllll niiiiiighhhhhtttt lonnnnnggggg. A great pump up song I have used for the gym many times too. A gradual amazing build of a beat and gets me motivated in general just hearing it.

3. Jimmy Barnes - Working Class Man

I feel this speaks to the Australian spirit of hard yakka workmanship for me. Truth be told, I sung this at one of school assemblies...in Year 12 infact and well...I should of left it to the experts lol. A great pumping song and the music video is quite a site too. Standing infront of sparks flying and molten larva pouring out makes anyone look impressive haha. 

2. Divinyls - I Touch Myself

Ok...truth be told, I think of the Austin Powers movies when I hear this song haha. Regardless of this, I always loved how this song felt like it gave me personal strength and pride within myself of feeling confident. Also this song just sounds awesome and I can't help but make up my own dances moves to it.

1. Icehouse - Great Southern Land

This one just screams Australia for me. Exploring our beautiful landscapes and basking in how amazing it is in our country. I reminisce about the places I have been, experienced and it soothes me in the very best way. I also always think of my ride on the Bigfoot Monster Truck bus in Lancelin that goes over some breathtaking sand dunes.