Exclusive tour of our Clocktower

Historic monuments inside

Exclusive tour of our Clocktower Draker

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to join Esperance local Steve Smith, in touring the inside of our historic clocktower. Through this guided tour, although quite tight to get through certain parts, it was amazing to experience such a great piece of history and the steps that have been made to keep it maintained. 

Steve winds this clock up 2 times a week and has a colleague who does the same. The inside of this clocktower still has some work to go with a "kukoo clock" mechanism to be fixed with already some rather peculiar characters made by hand to come out of the clock and back in much like the traditional bird out of a clock.

To going even further up and discovering the similarities of mechanism as Big Ben and all the bells inside this structure and how many historical family names of Esperance are forever engraved into the bells. By far, this was a major eye opening experience and I for one appreciate the work that Steve and several others have done in the maintenance and upkeep of this amazing piece of Esperance history. - Draker