Great Australian Musician playing music all across the country!

he is bringing a wonderful message

Great Australian Musician playing music all across the country!

Murray Mandal boasts an impressive resumé. He was 30 years a microbiologist, instructed Tai Chi for that amount of time too and now he is embarking on a journey playing classical guitar in supermarkets and shops across the WHOLE of Australia, and spreading a wonderful and important message.

The 64-year old begun his journey on March 6 2017 in Canberra, with the intention of circumnavigating the country in his campervan raising awareness and funds for Lifeline, an organisation that provides 24-hour access to phone lines and councillors for those in distress or struggling from depression.

Murray is purely a volunteer and 100% of funds he raises goes directly to Lifeline.

What makes this feat even more remarkable is the fact that the musician has profound hearing loss in both ears from birth. Despite the setback he has had a fulfilling life and is now giving back to a worthwhile cause.

Murray travelled from Canberra up the eastern states coast to northern Queensland, where he cut through the top end to Kununurra and the rest of his planned West Australian stops. He mainly lives out of his campervan, although there was a six-week stint in the Kimberley and Pilbarra where he used motels when the humidity and heat in his living quarters were too unbearable to sleep!

His WA journey began in Kununurra, travelling past Karratha, down the coast to Geraldton and Mandurah and performed in Albany last week. His WA leg has seen him raise almost $10,000 in donations adding to his total of $28,000 nationally.

Now, his travels bring him to Esperance!

Murray will be playing in Woolworths at the Esperance Boulevard Shopping Centre from 930 today (Wednesday, April 18) and tomorrow. Feel free to stop by, listen to his soothing tunes and take in the wonderful message that Lifeline has to offer!

His message is as follows:

My fellow Australians, if you are experience deep personal crisis such as abuse, trauma, domestic violence, bullying, mental illness, alcohol/drug/gambling addiction, stress from family or work, and several other crisis and that includes suicidal thoughts, please phone Lifeline 13 11 14. All calls are under confidentiality and Lifeline will listen to your situation and concerns, and will provide support and assistance to clarify the options available to you. Lifeline can also provide you with referral information for specific services in your local area. I would like to add that Lifeline is involved in all aspeacts of suicidal prevention covering a wide rande of care including early intervention, continuing care and bereavement support. Once again, to my fellow Australians, please do phone Lifeline 12 11 14 if needed.

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