International Women's Day series

Chucky's Earthmoving

International Women's Day series

International Women's Day is a day to reflect on the challenges modern women face and discuss a way forward past these hardships. 

Two weeks ago, 'Sean for Breakfast' regular Shane Reilly from Business Local came to me with a story about three local businesses who had come to see him seeking help and advice, all of which had a strong family tie within their business. Basically, the apprentice role in each business had been taken on by the daughter of the business owner. These aren't your 'traditional' female jobs, and it is wonderful to see young, Esperance women breaking the mold and following a new career path that will pave the way for other young women after them to choose whatever job they want to! Without the unwanted social expectations. 

One of these businesses include Chucky Marsh (owner of Chucky's Earthmoving) who welcomed his daughter Annabelle into the throws of the construction world when he took her on as a plant operator. She began working with Chucky and his off-sider just over two years ago. 

When asked if it was a difficult decision by Triple M her response was "not really".

"I've always had an interest in it, in school I did a completely different subject but as soon as I got out of school I thought that (earthworks) would be quite fun to do, I'll give it a go"

Her father was very pleased with her progress.

"Well she's already got her loader ticket, so she's already been on jobs in the loader, and builders are happy with her."

When asked who her greatest inspiration was Annabelle couldn't go past her mum. 

"she's never done anything that's pretty much a female directed work line. She tried to get out there and try different things. She's been pretty good at them so why not try?"  

The next inspirational woman we'll speak to is Cath Brown from South Regional Tafe. Not only did she do a lot of construction work as a female when she was younger, but she also teaches young boys and girls in that normally male dominated field. 

Watch this space!