Jobs PaTH Program

help for youths and employers

The Jobs PaTH Program is a project rolled out by federal Liberal member Rick Wilson with the help of Peter Kramer, who manages the program, which aims to help both employers and potential employees alike. 

If your business is in need of an extra employee aged between 15 and 24 and you have a genuine vacancy, than the Jobs PaTH program is worth considering. 

The program can be divided into three parts, Preparation, Trial and Hire (all of which make up the acronym PaTH). 

Preparation: Training for potential employees with a strong focus on learning employ-ability skills and understanding the expectations expected by employers.

Trial: A trial period is initiated for the potential employee once the Preparation period has finished. This is termed as an internships with no extra cost to the employer. 

Hire: This part speaks for itself!

The financial advantages of the PaTH program is obvious, with the cost of an intern, including labour and gear in most instances, being subsidised by the program if the intern is a eligible job seeker.  

It has been shown that the rate of employment increased from 40% to 70% if the potential employee has undertaken and completed the preparation and trial periods! 

For more details about the program contact Business Local's Shane Reilly via email or phone 0438 034 391.

Sean chatted to Shane on the show on Tuesday, the link to that chat is below: