No more cheeseburgers in a Macca's Happy Meal?

McDonald's health kick!

No more cheeseburgers in a Macca's Happy Meal?

Let's play a word association game. I'll say a word and you tell me the first word that pops into your head.

Okay, here goes. 


I bet a couple words came to mind, burgers, greasy, fries, perhaps even delicious.

It's this image, of greasy burgers and salty fries, McDonalds are attempting to shake, and it begins in the US with American McDonalds pushing to take cheeseburgers off the Happy Meal menu. The ain is to reduce the calorie, sodium, saturated fat and sugar content being consumed by children. Fortunately cheeseburgers will be available as an option on the menu, but you'll have to ask for it specifically. 

There's also whispers that soon the Happy meal toys will be replaced by children's books, although this is not confirmed. 

Good grief!

Honestly, Maccas really does need to sit itself down and figure itself out. When I go to McDonalds I dont' go for a 'McSalad' or a 'McAngus Beef gourmet burger'. I go for quick, easy, simple, delicious greasy food! I understand they are trying to become healthy, and I respect that, but maybe they should stick to what they're good at and instead of pouring their money into alternative food options perhaps focusing on better education, to tell their customer that their food isn't the most healthy, so they can enjoy their delicious burgers as part of a balanced healthy diet. Everyone's allowed a cheat day! Surely a cheeseburger for a kid once a month or so can't be that bad. 

You're allowed to be a unhealthy restaurant, everyone knows it, why not own it! People will stick around and keep going back to McDonald's even if it is a unhealthier option. So long as the general public know the health repercussions and can enjoy it in moderation then so be it!