Pregnancy warning posters removed because of 'misleading' messages

Don't drink alcohol when pregnant...

Pregnancy warning posters removed because of 'misleading' messages

Over 2 thousand pregnancy warning signs have been removed from hospitals and GP clinics across Australia for misleading and inaccurate messaging, according to doctors and health officials.

Drinkwise had funded the manufacturing and distributing of 2,400 posters that provided caution for pregnant women with the head line reading ‘It's safest not to drink while pregnant’. This line was not refuted by the health community, but the text beneath that, which read ‘It’s not known if alcohol is safe to drink when you are pregnant’ has been widely condemned.

Several prominent health officials have stated that the science was clear when it came to drinking alcohol when pregnant, and warned off women doing so.

The motives of Drinkwise, a ‘safe drinking’ group has been questioned, especially considering the majority of their funding comes from alcohol companies. The posters were recalled and will soon be replaced with undated information.

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