The solution to stopping speeding on our WA roads

It's simple

The solution to stopping speeding on our WA roads

The general public is skeptical of Police agencies as it is, before you introduce faulty technology and fine people because of the mistakes the faults make...

Such is the case in WA right now, with WA police scrambling to review thousands of issued fines where 11 dodgy mobile cameras had been in action.

This issues are not just confined to temporary speed cameras, the Forrest Highway point-to-point camera has been turned off as well as seven other red-light cameras because of concerns they may not be working properly.

Now, speed cameras are the preferred method to slowing down drivers on our roads. If you are caught speeding, you are fined both cash and demerit points until the perpetrator loses their license. This is the chief deterrent for drivers and also provides revenue to our forces. 

If we were serious about dropping speeds on our roads surely speed limiters were the way to go... Installing these in cars so a vehicle simply couldn't speed, even if they wanted to. The technology is there so why not? 

The argument will come up that in an emergency you may need to exceed the limit. Perhaps I see value in faster speeds in the country too where the roads are less busy and much longer, but inner city speeding is ridiculous. In an emergency call an ambulance and let a trained person fix your problem. Don't put other motorists live at risks by speeding around, even if it is to try and save a life. The cost of endangering more people is not worth the risk. 

We put breathalisers in cars to stop repeat drink drivers, surely a speed limiter should be applied for those that constantly exceed the speed limit.