Asbestos scare after roof fall

One man taken to hospital

Asbestos scare after roof fall

A worker has been hurt after falling through the roof of an old home, causing a minor contamination scare this morning.

The young man was inside the roof of an old, fibrous house in the process of being demolished on Shillito St in Southport, when he fell through the asbestos sheeting around 8:45am on Thursday.

Station officer Tony Chicco from the Southport Fire and Rescue station said it caused "fibres to become airborne within the area of the room, of the home he was working in".

Paramedics donned face masks to treat the patient, and once fire crews arrived on the scene they all had to strip and be sprayed with a light mist of water to "calm down" any potential asbestos fibres and stop them spreading.

"As a precautionary measure anybody that's subject to dust particles from the asbestos, we pretty much put them through the full process of the decontamination," said Mr Chicco.

He said the patient was conscious, with only minor injuries.

"As a precaution we did have to stabilise the casualty because he was complaining of back pain," he said.

The man was then transported to the Gold Coast University Hospital with back pain.

It is believed Workplace Health and Safety will look into the incident.