Beaches open... for now

Lifeguards monitoring the surf

Beaches open... for now

Swimmers can go for a dip in the ocean today; all Gold Coast beaches are open, for the time being.

Council and lifeguards made the call to open the waves to beach-goers on Thursday morning, after the beaches were shut all day Wednesday due to rough conditions right along the coast.

Surf Life Savers said the conditions were still a bit choppy, and issued a reminding for swimmers to take extra care to stay between the flags.

They were also keeping a close eye on the conditions, and said they may be forced to shut the beaches again if conditions worsen at low-tide.

Andrew Buffalino from the Bureau of Meteorology said a low pressure system in the Tasman Sea was to blame for the big swell and strong winds.

"[It's causing] some strong to gale-force southerly winds along the east coast of Australia and over time the swell has picked up, and in combination with some pretty strong winds it's causing some pretty rough conditions south of about Sandy Cape," he said,.

"We're expecting these conditions to continue at least until Friday".