Bus attacks drive police up the wall

Number of attacks triple in 2016

Bus attacks drive police up the wall

Two more Gold Coast buses have been damaged last night, on the back of concerning projectile attack figures.

Windows were smashed by offenders throwing objects at the vehicles on Thursday night.

Surfside Buslines said all up there were 83 projectile attacks on their drivers and buses last year, compared to 28 in 2015.

General manager Martin Hall slammed the offenders for putting drivers' and passengers' lives at risk.

Mr Hall said it was lucky there were no passengers on board when the latest attack took place in Varsity Lakes, but reckons it won't be long until that luck runs out.

"Every day these drivers are effectively running the gauntlet. Their luck's going to run out very, very soon and there will be an injury to either one for bus drivers , member of the public, or one of our assets," he said.

Last month alone there was another 14 recorded incidents, the worst ever figure for January.

Gold Coast District Acting Inspector Ben Nielsen said these cowardly attacks are concerning.

"It's not just willful damage, the consequences to this are life endangering; serious injury or even death," he said.

Acting Inspector Nielsen said offenders need to think twice before acting so recklessly.

"You can choose your actions but you can't choose your consequences. It's a cowardly attack and puts the lives of the community in danger," he said.

CCTV footage of the most recent projectile throwing incidents has been released as well, to try and find the culprits.